Mermaid Twinning Outfit: Sea Green

Mermaid Twinning Outfit: Sea Green

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Our metallic sea green mermaid twinning outfits are the cutest mummy and me set, mums tee spells out 'The original mermaid' and her side kicks implies 'The future mermaid'

The perfect outfits for a mermaid party!

Ladies crew neck general fit white tees, and white baby onesies or toddler t-shirts. Lovely quality.

Approx ladies sizes :

Small: u.k 8-10, u.s 6-8
medium u.k 10-12 u.s 8-10
large u.k 12-14 u.s 10-12
extra large u.k 14-16 u.s 12-14
xx large: uk 16-18 u.s 14-16

Kids sizes:
U.K. 0-3m / u.s 47-56
U.K. 3-6m / u.s 62-68
U.K. 6-12m / u.s 68-80
U.K. 1-2yr u.s 12-24 months
U.K. 2-3yr u.s 2T
U.K. 3-4yr u.s 4T
U.K. 4-5yr u.s 5
U.K. 5-6yr u.s 6
U.K. 7-8yr u.s 7