Gearing up for valentines day!

Its January! officially the most depressing month of the year... or so they say. The good news is were nearly half way through and on the way to february which can only mean its nearly st. valentines day! will you be celebrating with your little one's outfit? perhaps to show daddy or mummy how much you love them, or for that special first valentines day.

We have just produced a cute little love heart range, inspired by tattoo art and classic phrases of endearment from parent to child. Have a look within unique gifts to find this exclusive range, all printed with red glitter vinyl and heat sealed on our brand new heat press! they would make a great newborn gift or a unique baby shower gift. Made with organic cotton and the only ones in the world! totally unique, you won't find this on the shelves of primark, thats the beauty of buying from an independant business like Dolly Olive, not only are you supporting a small business and a small family! you won't see any one else wearing the same thing! 

 We've had loads of fun making these with our new cameo silhouette cutting machine. Look out for more interesting effects and finishes coming soon including..... holographic unicorns and matching sibling sets! keep checking back to both of our shops to keep an eye out for these! 

why not treat yourself this january payday?

peace and love hearts xxx 


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