Family Dressing! Twinning with your baby or toddler...

We thought we'd do a quick blog about family dressing. Its a huge trend right now which we are jumping on! Our 'All the gear, no idea' matching parent child outfits are a comical nod to the early days of having a newborn (and the later days with a toddler) where you think you have all of the right stuff you need, the best pram, the safest car seat, the newest ergonomic bottle, the best rated baby monitor, Ewan the dream sheep! (delete as appropriate) something, ANYTHING that promises your baby will sleep! But really, there is no rule book for parenting (well there's a few but ultimately you make your own rules) you may have 'all the gear' but, do any of us really have a clue what we're doing? I'm glad i'm not the only one! Here's to making your own rules :-)

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