Dolly Olive is growing by one!... an update on what this means for us

It feels like its been a long time since the last blog post, and a lot has happened! If you weren't already aware we are due our newest and littlest member of the Dolly Olive Family in a matter of weeks! exciting but busy time ahead. Just as we approach the festive season, a season which is particularly busy for us we will be slowing down somewhat. Although we won't be closing altogether our lead times will be longer while we get to grips with our newest bambino! If you are therefore thinking of ordering for Christmas or baby gifts over the next few months we would urge you to get those orders in in the next month to ensure you receive in good time.

As we are a one man band run by myself, we employ no staff yet apart from my mini helper and chief MD of stickers Olive, and one patient husband, orders will be subject to delays, we can't judge how long orders will take at this time and will update you further as time goes on but as a general rule we would like to allow 2-3 weeks. If you do need something urgently then please drop us a message and we can of course try and accommodate this. Our Etsy shop will subsequently still stay open for the time being but if we find we cannot fulfil orders realistically then this will shut for a while. We may still be doing a Christmas market at Leeds Castle at the start of December but this isn't confirmed yet.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience and we will post an update when little one arrives! Much Love, Grace


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