Coming Home Outfits for your new baby!

It must be an american term but recently i have discovered the craze for 'bringing home baby' outfits amongst all of you new mums and dads to be! How many of you had a special outfit in mind for little one's arrival into the world? A 'hello world' onesie perhaps?

I remember when my daughter Olive was born and they have the little tag round their ankle with their surname if they're still unnamed, 'baby Hipsey' was just that even though we named her straight away, i still have it as a baby keepsake now together with her footprints and the scan picture. I can't actually remember what her take home outfit was now it all becomes such a blur in those early days! I think it was a lovely white company onesie with the year embroidered onto it which was a gift from my old work colleages. So tiny and precious and brand new into this world, its hard to believe how quickly they grow up.

Recently we've created a few newborn gifts including twin outfits, lovely unique onesies for twins or just a double vest set for your new addition! unique baby gifts in lovely soft organic cotton. We also have 'Belongs to Mummy' heart name tag design which we made for Mother's day, but it could also be a lovely outfit to take into hospital as their first hospital outfit or their coming home outfit! and of course our 'Small & Great' Onesies and 'Little & Loud' which are coming very soon! Which are your favourite? 

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